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Adoption of techniques crucial for construction waste management

Effective management of waste means the elimination of wastes where possible; minimising the production of waste and reusing those waste materials

The Union Budget 2012-13 was instrumental in ringing in a sense of hope for infrastructure developers. However, with hope comes responsibility and therefore the need of the day is for better and well-equipped waste management. Environment sustainability being a burning issue at present, real estate players are urged to put special stress on waste management while they undertake any construction project.

In a recent study conducted by ConstructionBiz360, all respondents felt that construction companies should put additional stress on waste management techniques.
Effective management of waste means the elimination of wastes where possible; minimising the production of waste; and reusing those waste materials which might otherwise have become waste. Solid waste management practices have identified the reduction, recycling and reuse of wastes as part of sustainable management of resources. 
Industry speaks
Real estate developers opine that while undertaking any construction work they take necessary steps to ensure necessary waste management. Rajesh Goyal, managing director of RG Group, says, “As far as the real estate industry is concerned, there is not much waste which needs to be managed. When any excavation is done, the waste material like mud and stones are used in the refilling of the ground as per the design. In case of iron, steel and any other such material, it goes to the respective scrap dealer. In other words, the iron scrap goes to iron scrap dealer and the glass scrap goes to glass scrap dealer and so on for recycling.”
Pankaj Saxena proprietor of Jaipur-based K D S Construction & Interior Pvt. Ltd., said, “Usually the wastes that we have while undertaking a construction project are iron wastes and cement wastes, among others. However, we take additional precautions to ensure that these wastes are managed and also ensure that these are moved away from the site once the entire project is completed.” 
With awareness increasing among real estate developers, the scenario is far improved right now and it is expected that developers will take additional responsibility in ensuring environmental sustainability in the days to come. 
Sambuddha Sengupta

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