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Unleash fresh life to your walls with waterproof paints

Use waterproof paint products to combat future leaks and soggy walls in the face of unpredictable and prolonged monsoon

Leaks in walls and ceilings are a common problem faced by homeowners across the country during the monsoon season. To pre-empt the likelihood of structural damage, a majority of homeowners repair the cracks and paint the property a few months before the monsoon begins. In recent years, these property safeguarding measures are falling flat in the face of unpredictable and prolonged monsoon.

Waterproof paint products, with strong water-resistant properties, have emerged as a viable and economic solution in ensuring the longevity of any real estate structure. A recent poll conducted by ConstructionBiz360 also shows the inclination towards waterproof paint solutions, as 67% respondents feel that waterproof paints are gaining popularity in the country to combat unpredictable and prolonged monsoon, whereas the remaining 33% feel differently.
“These days there are no fixed monsoon seasons as you have rains throughout the year. It is better to use water-resistant paint solutions to prevent your walls from becoming soggy and having future leaks,” opined Dr Tanmoy Majumdar, a Dhanbad-based homeowner who recently painted his house with waterproof products.  
Industry experts feel that waterproof paints help preventing water from penetrating into wall surfaces, thereby safeguarding the longevity of any structure.
Waterproof paints come with an extensive and unique set of advantages. The prominent advantage of these paints is their superior protection as against regular paint products. Once applied, these paints form a water-resistant seal and keep the moisture build-up of the house, preventing the wall surfaces from becoming soggy.
Percy Jijina, general manager of Decorative Paints at Jotun India Pvt Ltd, a global leader of paints, coatings and powder coatings, further elaborates the benefits of using waterproof paint solutions. According to him, “Waterproof paints increase the sustainability and performance of latex paints and stains. These surfaces can be recoated, if the need arises. Besides, the water-resistant nature of the paints offers homeowners to clean the surfaces when required and regain the original sheen, thereby helping in saving costs, time and effort on repairs and renovation.”
The paints also have UV-resistant features and most of them are also equipped with anti-fungal properties, added Mr Jijina.
Such wonderful properties are boosting the use of waterproof paint solutions in India and also encouraging builders to use these paints in new houses.
Jeeta Bandopadhyay

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