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Soilmec India Introduces Mixer BTM 1000 at EXCON 2011

Soilmec India, a provider of foundation equipment for the ground engineering industry, has introduced the MIXER BTM 1000 at EXCON 2011—the construction equipment exhibition in Asia. It is especially designed for efficient mixing, and homogenising bentonite with water—the solution used as a drilling fluid. The BTM 1000 MIXER consists of a cylindrical tank and a special pump, installed on a strongbase frame with pipe valves and fittings. A high quality mixture of bentonite with water is achieved through a high speed vortex, produced by the pump. The heavy suction and delivery by the pump creates this vortex, which thoroughly mixes the bentonite. The provision of timelyoperated throttle valves is made for the delivery of the slurry (water with bentonite). All fabricated parts are of high quality MS material.

Special wear-resistant materials are used wherever the parts are subjected to wear and tear. The unit is also provided with an On/Off starter, and is well-equipped with the relay facility. It has a tank capacity of 1,000 l, and a production capacity of 10–12 Cu-m/hr. It also has a power rating of 7.5 KW. The dimensions of the product are 2,200 mm X 1400mm X 1250 mm and the weight is 750 kg.

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