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China’s Broad Group Builds Five Star Hotel in Fifteen Days

Using new methodology in structure and building technology, Chinese construction firm Broad Group has condensed the construction of a 30 storey five star Chinese hotel to 15 days. Using efficient construction methods, such as prefab construction techniques, almost 93 percent of the high rise was assembled with pre-made components.

The hotel known as the T30, encompasses 17,000 sq. m of the Lin Gang Industrial Zone in Xiangyin County. Completed in 60 hours, the hotel is housed with over 350 rooms, a roof top swimming pool and a helipad, along with the standard features of any five star establishment.

A simulation model of the building, developed by Broad Sustainable Buildings (BSB), was said to have withstood a series of earthquake resistance tests of a magniture of 7.0–9.0, speaking volumes for its strong foundations. All the rooms have louvered windows, and boast of LED lighting, air filtration systems and water efficient toilets, which make the hotel sustainable.

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