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Interior designing can be challenging but fruitful concept - Ankush Aggarwal and Sapna Aggarwal, Ansa Interiors

With the importance of interior designing gaining gradual importance, it is vital for any company to keep innovating and also keep themselves updated

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Planning a career in interior designing is one of the hardest decisions to make. Not only is it important for anyone planning a career in interior designing to have a proper degree in interior designing, but also to pursue a professional training under the guidance of a professional.

It is important for any interior designing company to have a humble beginning. A company should not initially aim big. Once they have started with smaller projects, the assignments begin to grow bigger and more challenging. They also gradually start to earn the trust of clients, which basically includes real estate players, but also individuals with higher disposable income.  
Growing importance of interior designing
With the importance of interior designing gaining gradual importance due to the growing demand for real estate and also a change of taste among average Indians, it has become indispensable for any designing company to keep themselves up-to-date with the current trends in the market. Current projects are much diversified- from splendid tent houses to corporate offices, everyday residential projects, temporary exhibition stands, designer boutiques and designer furniture pieces. The assignments are varied in their nature, clientele and requirements but nonetheless it adds to the spice of working in such diverse fields.
A designer needs to create the spaces that are living in themselves. This, besides requiring the creative skills, also requires the interior designer to be far sighted and updated with the technology and environmental consciousness. Innovation is the spine of interior designing. The experimentation leads to creation but with a background of sound knowledge.
It is important for anyone to maintain their commitments and earn trust. One should also do a background research on the products they are offering before presenting it finally to the clients. The company should also be prepared to challenge the conventional notions of designing interiors. The USP of any designing company should always be to adhere to the basics of their business which is designing. They should also have their own team comprising of enviable interior designers, supervisors and 3D visualisers.
Maintaining a fruitful relationship with customers
It is also important to maintain a steady relation with the clients and investors at any point of time. Relations at any point of time, lull or high, are important to be maintained. Be it real estate developers or property dealers; the relations developed should be long-term and mutually beneficial.
All ISO certified designer companies should look to follow a set pattern which also includes a preliminary round of meeting with the client, where they should introduce the clients to the different types of concepts prevalent in the market. As for example, companies like Ansa Interiors shows clients almost 100 concepts and asks them to point out what they like and what they don’t. The judgements on part of any interior designing company should be based on the assessment features and figures achieved in the process, which would help them to exactly know the consumer’s taste. Only then can a company specialising in such innovative concept prosper.
Ankush Aggarwal is the CEO and Sapna Aggarwal is the creative director of Ansa Interiors

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