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CRM solutions solving real estate industry needs - Anil Kumar Nirmal, W2PeS Pvt. Ltd

Customer relationship management is needed in order to ensure good relationship between customers and industries in real estate sector

Real estate is the basic requirement of an individual apart from investments. There are lots of professionals who are coming into the real estate consulting business in order to explore the unexplored opportunity there. Customer Retail Management is one such consulting business which can help real estate developers in ways more than one.

After having interacted with realtors and asking them about why they do not use any kind of software for maintaining their all-important data or even doing that in form of an excel sheet if they were not being able afford a CRM, it was revealed that there were hundreds of reasons for them not preferring to use technologies. Most of the people were in fact scared of adopting CRM due to security and theft.  
Importance of CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is however desperately needed in order to ensure a relationship between customers and industries.  As a matter of fact, it plays a major role in the business growth.
Any sector specific CRM is necessary in order to solve all the sector related needs. A generic CRM can solve only the basic needs of a company. In order to solve all the specific industry related problems there has to be industry specialised CRM. Investors in India and abroad are more inclined to real estate for investments as compared to other investment options like stock market, mutual funds and commodities. Over the past 10 years or so, real estate has provided for more than 30% of the country’s GDP growth.  While there is so much of growth and so many opportunities, there should also be a deep involvement of technology to make the business smooth like any other industry. Thus, it is needed that company and individual both go hand in hand in updating the technological updates.
Utility software
With real estate industry being one of the most competitive industries in the country, it is highly important for individuals as well as companies in the real estate industry to remain updated with the innovations in the field. With the technology constantly changing, one has to always keep innovations in mind.  The company also needs to protect and store their important data. So there is enough scope of developing utility software that may give extra bounce to the entire realty world market. Software like RealtoExpress helps any real estate developer remain up-to-date with the expectations of any their client. The salient features of this system are: management of clients and project inventories, management of property and project inventories, assigning and tracking each task to its closure, sales team management, planning and executing marketing email and also SMS campaign among others.  
Such software helps the realty sector by protecting the data of the past. The software acts as a multi-user application that runs at your own desktop. It further gives you the power to control the entire business system from data theft from staff and others. The software also acts as a watchdog for the people working in the organisation.
Anil Kumar Nirmal is the chief technology officer of W2PeS Pvt. Ltd

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