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Remodel your home with bamboo flooring: Abhishek Saraf of Square Foot

Strand woven bamboo is one of the hardest flooring options available, harder than traditional hardwoods such as cherry, oak and hickory

The use of bamboo has been diverse, but never was the plant seen as a key item in making a style statement. The evolution of interior designing brought with it innovative concepts and promoted the idea of bamboo flooring. The cost-effective, eco-friendly spectacular flooring convinced designers, individual owners to use it in their new home construction, thereby giving the plant a new identity of panache.

Bamboo flooring can be divided into two main categories — regular and strand-woven bamboo flooring. Strand woven is the higher end of the two and has many advantages, including excellent durability, good value, is pleasantly aesthetic and environmentally friendly. The only disadvantage of such type of flooring is the limited colour choice.
Choosing the type of flooring in your house will often come down to price and aesthetics, and perhaps durability. However, with the current environmental problems we have, you may want to think of the environmental impact the different flooring options have as well. When it comes to bamboo, there is no better option. Here is an article to learn more about bamboo flooring.
Detailing strand woven bamboo flooring
Strand woven bamboo is one of the hardest flooring options available, harder than traditional hardwoods such as cherry, oak and hickory. Its stability is also better than that of other traditional hardwoods, leading it to be a great choice for a durable floor. Furthermore, strand woven bamboo is manufactured through a special process, making it even harder and more durable than regular bamboo.
Strand woven bamboo is the new technology in recent years, and as its popularity grows, so does its versatility. It can be bought in many different colours, ranging from very light in colour, to a fairly dark shade. Last and perhaps most importantly of all, strand woven bamboo flooring is a great value. Considering it is one of the more durable and aesthetically pleasing options available, it is very reasonable priced.
Bamboo floors have a very distinctive, striking look since they are a finished grass. They have a system of “nodes” that create spectacular darkening bands that are a one of a kind look. Bamboo flooring is available in its natural lighter colour and can also be finished into a darker color to match any existing décor and your furniture.
The first way to install strand woven bamboo flooring is to directly glue it to a sub-floor. The second way to install the flooring is to simply lay it on an existing sub-floor or thin foam mat, in other words, a floating installation. The third method of installation is to nail or staple the strand woven bamboo flooring to the sub-floor.
Bamboo flooring maintenance
Bamboo flooring needs proper maintenance and care and one should remember the following points for taking good care of the same:
  • Try monitoring humidity levels in the house; the humidity should never be below 30% or above 60%
  • Use protective pads for all furniture to prevent any possible scratching
  • Refrain from walking around in spiky high heels, as it can damage the flooring.
  • Use specific cleaning solutions for bamboo flooring; the solutions are easily available in the market.
Bamboo flooring not only makes a perfect style statement for your home, but also helps in making your home green.
Abhishek Saraf, director at Square Foot, a premier flooring solutions company based in Mumbai

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