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Living safe and secured – Pravin Kotak, JP Iscon

Close circuit camera, gated intercom facility and bar-code system are some of the common security measures noticed in residential complexes across India

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Increasing construction of skyscrapers, shopping malls and multiplexes across major metropolis in India indicate that the domestic real estate industry is moving fast. However, security threat is one major concern looming large over residents living in cities. Daily reports of robbery, murders and such other unusual happenings have aggravated the security concern among people in urban India, leading to a high demand for security systems in residential complexes. 

Building security systems have gained more importance in recent times. Real estate developers are now focusing on installing latest security systems in residential complexes to cater to the growing demand and protect homeowners in the newly developed residential areas.
Security types         
Apartment complexes range widely in type and size, and require different types of security for optimum protection. The utilisation of an armed guard for home security is a common practice in urban India. The advances in computer technology and electronics have changed the face of home security systems today.
Following are some security types common with residential complexes in India:
Close Circuit Cameras (CCTV’s): This helps in keeping a record of every person visiting a complex. Buildings and societies can benefit from video surveillance systems as the system helps protect people from strangers, theft and vandalism.
Keeping this in mind, real estate developers have started deploying CCTV Home security systems in their complexes.CCTVs make it easy to monitor every corner of a complex from a single control room. Public places such as shopping malls and commercial complexes use CCTVs to keep their premises safe. This is seen as an emerging trend in apartments as well as commercial realty projects.
Gated Intercom Facility: The system helps security guards’ to inform apartment owners about any outsider entering the gated complex.
Bar-code system: This is a new type of home security and is usually installed at the gate of the colony. The system stops the entry of unauthorised vehicles and protects people living in the complex. Bar-coded vehicles are automatically scanned and provide entry, while un-coded vehicles are stopped for further physical check-up and registration.
JP Iscon’s edge
Thinking ahead of CCTV, JP Iscon Ltd has implemented a newer technology of digital entry cards. Residents have to swipe the cards to open the digital lock to enter their homes.
People these days prefer to use main door entry control systems to secure their homes. We plan to implement this technology in our high-end premium project called Iscon Platinum, which is being constructed in Bopal area of Ahmedabad.
Moreover, we ensure installing intercom facility in all our projects, besides recruiting security staff 24x7 for the safety of our valued occupants.
In addition, we also ensure fire safety in all projects, irrespective of whether they are residential or commercial. The company has set up the best practices to follow fire safety rules in each of its residential sites, besides having inhouse fire-fighting staff.
New technologies and heightened public concern have made home security systems imperative in real estate and construction projects. India is yet to catch up with the West in this field, but we are not far behind.
Pravin Kotak, chairman at JP Iscon Ltd, a premier real estate developer in Gujarat

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