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National Association of Realtors-India (NARI)

National Association of Realtors-India (NARI) is an independent non-profit association created to safeguard the interests of the realtors and real estate agents in India. The primary objective of NARI is to promote real estate brokerage in the country to achieve overall growth in the real estate sector.
NARI also conducts several activities to strengthen the Indian real estate segment. Some of the activities undertaken by the organisation include:
  • Educating its members on adopting the best construction practices
  • Acting as a link between the brokerage community and the concerned authorities
  • Organising events, seminars and exhibitions
  • Undertaking market research to disseminate vital information
  • Voicing the issues faced by the industry before the decision makers
There are several advantages of acquiring the NARI membership. Some of the major benefits are:
·         Opportunity to collaborate with national and international companies
·         Consumer recognition in the domestic and overseas markets
·         Skill upgradation and knowledge sharing through seminars and conferences
·         Platform to voice the challenges faced by businesses

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