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TJCD Personality of the fortnight

A steadfast administrator- Hanu Reddy, Hanu Reddy Realty

It is the unwavering dedication and untiring effort of Hanu Reddy, which have helped Hanu Reddy Realty make a name for itself in Chennai’s real estate sector. As the Director of this company, which deals in real estate services in the commercial as well as residential sector, Mr Reddy takes a keen interest in most aspects of its operations. It is no wonder that over a couple of years, Hanu Reddy has created a steady demand for the company’s services in Tamil Nadu.
In the preliminary stage
According to Mr Reddy, “Money and ownership should not be the ultimate aims of an entrepreneur. It is highly important to set high goals for the company, encourage competition and then adopt innovative methods to challenge your partners.” He also believes that positive results can be attained by cross-pollinating or switching over the managers periodically. He has also stated that empowerment of the associates not only results in growth of the company but also offsets organisational risks considerably.    
After completing Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from India, Mr Reddy completed Masters of Science in Civil Engineering Technology from Stanford University. He was raised in a family which dealt with real estate for over 40 years. He always believed that in order to establish a company, it is extremely important to build up a skilled workforce of marketing professionals. This is because these professionals are the front-liners who interact with clients and sell products. Keeping all these factors under consideration, he started his own company in 1984 in Chennai. His superlative educational qualifications and skillful networking allowed him to start his business operations in California as well.
Adeptness in the realty sector    
Several business entrepreneurs have the intrinsic fortitude and passion to turn a shoestring business enterprise into a huge success. This is exactly what Mr Reddy has achieved as a business leader. Evaluating and understanding business strategies, maximising revenue opportunities and developing a long-lasting relationship with clients were some of the issues which were prioritised by Mr Reddy.
Mr. Reddy is an expert on real estate and is well-aware of the nitty-gritties of the business which would provide tangible benefits for the company and give it a competitive edge. He has personally assisted more than 2000 families with their real estate needs. He built up a huge global network with clients through emails, World Wide Web and newspaper ads. Today, the company has offices in Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Vizag and Mysore. His cutting edge business acumen has allowed him to develop a wide network in various foreign locations such as Orange County of South California as well.
Widespread associations 
Mr Reddy has sold many real estate properties in Irvine. He was a member of the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and Orange County Association of Realtors.
The road ahead
As per Mr Reddy, the present economic scenario is quite unfavourable for any business organisation. However, his relentless efforts have kept Hanu Reddy Realty relatively insulated from the financial meltdown. As of now, the company is exercising caution but has plans to expand business once the situation improves.

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