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Redefining luxury living - Sameer Nerurkar, Samira Constructions Ltd

Sameer Nerurkar, Managing Director, Samira Constructions Ltd, is known for his pioneering efforts in home building and architectural designs which have helped his Mumbai-based company make its mark in the real estate sector.

Realty Dreams

The increased traction in the real estate sector prompted Mr Nerurkar to foray into construction and designing. Therefore, he engaged himself in creating luxury homes that boast of an exceptional design. The passion to make it big and innovative thinking have led Mr Nerurkar to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the construction sector. He has always felt that luxury is an art and his strong desire to create beautiful homes and villas is reflected in his realty projects that symbolise luxury living.

Building Samira

After completing his MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University, he decided to enter the property sector. Consequently, in 1995, he incepted Samira Constructions Ltd. A specialisation in Marketing helped him to venture on his own since he had in-depth knowledge of executing business operations and strategic business decisions. Following the inception of Samira Constructions, he played a key role in shaping the company and actively involved himself in major decision making.

Focus on Professionalism

Mr Nerurkar is highly respected for his diligence and supervisory skills. He has an innovative approach towards business management and an analytical vision to strengthen his company’s competitive advantage in the market. He ensures that his employees maintain high standards of professionalism. He also makes sure that every project is meticulously executed and each detail is given utmost attention. He states, “Our infrastructure development is always backed by comprehensive evaluations and thorough analysis.” Initially, there were instances of financial crisis and difficult stages during his entrepreneurial career. However, he believes that the challenge lies in overcoming them and moving on. He also adds that the support extended by his employees to address all major issues has further led the company towards growth.

Diversifying Business

Despite the current economic slowdown, Mr Nerurkar is keen to diversify his business and embark on new ventures. He is known to optimise every business operation and leverage any new technology that may prove beneficial for maximising his company’s overall efficiency. Backed by his marketing strengths and an expert team of architects, Mr Nerurkar has developed many luxury villas, bungalows, townships and residential complexes in and around Mumbai. He has a unique ability to identify, adapt to property buyers’ tastes and preferences, and determine quality, right price and exact specifications. He adds, “We are an organisation that believes in the marriage of efficient construction and extensive luxury customisation.” 

Expansion Plans

“It is extremely important for companies to adopt new business strategies in terms of human resources and business planning to keep up with the fast growing industry,” feels Mr Nerurkar. Currently, he is focussing on the various townships and villas which are coming up in different parts of Maharashtra such as Panvel, Alibag, Rewas and Kashid.

Mr Nerurkar adds, “With the best engineering practices, coupled with superb building designs, we hope to see our organisation as one of the foremost real estate companies in the country.”



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