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Building with a purpose

Parag Patil, Director, DNV Builders

DNV Builders has emerged as a prominent company in the real estate sector. The man behind the success of the company is Parag Patil, Director, DNV Builders. It was Mr Patil’s competency that helped the construction firm carve a niche for itself within a short span of time.
Leading DNV
Mr Patil started his entrepreneurial journey with DNV Builders in 2000. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in making the company a leading business house. According to him, “We started this company because we wanted to offer the best real estate services in the commercial, housing and industrial sector. Hence we forayed into this business. Since then we have been involved in this profession, satisfying the customers according to their needs and tastes.” 
The initial struggle
Mr Patil is a chemical engineer from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Katraj, Pune. He completed his graduation in 1995. Having specialised in chemical engineering he got involved in his family business that dealt with edible oil. During this time, he was assisted by his brother Gajinder Patil. In the meantime, he launched his own firm, DNV Builders.
However, in 2003, the edible oil business suffered a severe loss, forcing them to sell all their shares. Since Mr Patil had been engaged with DNV Builders from 2000, he continued with his entrepreneurial journey.
Entrepreneur with a vision
Almost six years of experience in the real estate business and thorough interaction with clients helped Mr Patil sharpen his entrepreneurial abilities. Today, he is proficient enough to understand the taste and preferences of his clients and provide the necessary services to them. His business approach is unique and incisive, and this has helped him identify the areas where DNV Builders could improve further. He is empowered with comprehensive knowledge about the market. He readily implements the necessary strategies, which would help his business grow and prosper.
Undertaking new ventures
In order to maximise every opportunity, Mr Patil tied up with his friend Amit Jagtap, and acquired a large portion of land in 2002. He considers this a major success in his entrepreneurial journey.
He never allowed his business to get stagnated. He constantly moved ahead with new and productive business undertakings. This fetched him long-lasting professional relationships with most of his clients. Today, DNV Builders has come up with top-notch projects, such as Elite Empire, Elite Garden, Elite Embassy, Elite Galaxy, Elite Primio and Elite Blossom in Pune. Mr Patil also works in association with Atharva Developers where DNV acts as cost-effective solution providers.
Overcoming obstacles
The journey of DNV Builders had its share of impediments. Although he refuses to comment on the details of the challenges, his persistent business approach proved beneficial. His will-power was not shaken by the bumpy ride that DNV Builders had to withstand. He learned from his mistakes and rectified them to achieve fruitful results. As Mr Patil puts, “Kolte Patil Developers has been my inspiration.”
Looking ahead
In view of the current economic slowdown, Mr Patil feels that each step has to be taken very carefully. He says, “As per our future plan we intend to continue working with our existing clients as well as increase our client base.” He intends to expand his business in other parts of the country as well. However, it is too early for him to comment on that. He intends to execute his business operations in such a way that his company acquires more construction contracts. The only target of Mr Patil is the timely completion of projects. He hopes to come up with new concepts in the future which would be of superior quality and yet meet the client’s budget.
In his leisure time, Mr Patil loves gardening.

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