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Real estate developers coming up with innovative summer collections

It is important to be at par with the latest developments in the sector all the time and also be ready to innovate

With property sales witnessing a gradual growth in major metro cities, real estate developers are looking to cash in on the opportunity. The real estate market in India is a highly competitive market with multiple developers investing in the sector. Hence, it is important to be at par with the latest developments in the sector all the time and also be ready to innovate.

With the country being at the middle of summer, it is important that real estate developers come up with something special for summer. The season is considered to be the one of vibrant colours and thus developers, in collaboration with other interior design companies are coming up with solutions like season-friendly fabrics and wall decors.
Interior designs to boost sales
Famous interior design Company Ego Wall Décor has recently come up with its latest innovation Haute Coutre, which is a particular type of wall covering that promises to take on entire personalities of its own. This particular collection is expected to take the property owner’s walls to a different level.
According to Sandeep Agarwal, director of Ego Wall Décor, the new collections have been designed by architects from Germany. These designs are special with electric blend of corded and stubbed textile material.
Kashmir based interior design company Décor Inn has also recently signed a pact with the world’s leading flooring company Armstrong Flooring, which will enable them to bring in new floorings to the valley of Kashmir.  
Pallabi Sen, Mumbai resident in search of a residential property says, “Flats with built-in wall decors and designed marbles would definitely be an added advantage. People looking for quality housing are bound to get attracted towards such designs.”
Not only will these innovative collections add flavours to the collections of any real estate developer but will also help to boost sales in the major metro cities across India. Therefore, the popularity of properties equipped with such innovative ideas is bound to increase.
Sambuddha Sengupta

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