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Find out how Dassault Systemes’ revolutionary 3D application helped ASPECT Studios build better cities and infrastructure, with ease of use and real-time capabilities

Dr Chandan Chowdhury - MD, Dassault Systems, India

3DVIA Virtools from Dassault Systemes enabled ASPECT Studios to develop real-time 3D applications for viewing models of cities and infrastructure projects. From high-tech gadgets to life sciences, from consumer goods to service industries, from aerospace to automotive systems, from packed goods to industrial equipments, and an array of industrial functionalities, Dassault Systemes now helps infrastructure entities to reduce development time by more than 80 percent using its 3DVIA Virtools. Dassault Systemes is among the world’s leading company specialising in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, providing businesses with a 3D vision of the complete lifecycle of products—from formation to functioning to reprocessing.

“3DVIA Virtools is a great solution with a plethora of well-thought-out features. Its ease of use and real-time testing capabilities make it an ideal platform for our development team.” notes Philip Greenwood – Senior Developer, ASPECT Studios.

A Tough Task
ASPECT Studios is a design firm specialising in landscape architecture, urban design and digital media. The firm also provides high-resolution animations, renders and visualisations according to client needs. ASPECT Studios needed to meet growing customer demand for its real-time interactive 3D environments. When it comes to visualising designs and concepts through interactive media, it is not an easy job. ASPECT Studios faced the same challenges with design concepts; the organisation had made use of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) for its 3D real-time development work in the past. However, the current situation of interactive media has drastically changed, and increasing client demands encouraged ASPECT to resort to better solutions in infrastructure designing and building. Growing Demand Over the years, the demand for incorporating 3D modelling visualising into building infrastructure has gained impetus. The main reason for this growth relates to the ease in visualising projects through interactive media, the increased knowledge about the medium, benefits using such technological advancements and the reduction in time and other resources used during the project. ASPECT Studios needed a tool capable of meeting client requirements such as the importation of Geographical Information System (GIS) data and real-time shadowing. “We wanted to provide real-time 3D environments to designers, strategic planners and developers in a costeffective and efficient manner,” remarks Jesse Sago – Studio Director, ASPECT Studios. The idea behind launching 3DVIA was to bring 3Dtechnology to new users, businesses and consumers. 3DLive, a collection of products, is designed to help individuals across the enterprise to search, navigate and collaborate in 3D, in real-time over the internet. 3DVIA Composer enables users to deliver assembly procedures, technical illustrations and marketing materials utilising 3D images and other 3D data that remains consistent with product data. “The biggest advantage of the technology is that creating a 3D real-time environment takes just two hours, instead of two days. Easier development allows the studio to focus on creating the right set of features for its clients, freeing developers to innovate and develop prototypes.” notes Philip Greenwood – Senior Developer, ASPECT Studios.

The Technology: 3DVIA Virtools
ASPECT Studio began searching for a much more profitable solution that was easy to program using visual scripting, simple to deploy, and was Windows compatible. After much R&D, it finally zeroed on 3DVIA Virtools for its excellent value for money. The technology also brought many advantages compared to VRML and many other technologies available in the market. The studio created their very own ASPECT Studios 3D Viewer, using 3D Virtools platform. The new interactive platform helped clients view designs of cities and infrastructure projects in a virtual reality model. Urban planners, landscape architects, local government, and developers can fully appreciate the benefits, and implications of their concepts in a user-friendly environment. 3DVIA Virtools made it easier to develop interactivity and real-time 3D applications. “One of the issues we had with VRML was that we were programming menu and user interfaces for every project. This piece-meal approach was timeconsuming and unproductive. 3DVIA Virtools let us develop our own application and design a standard menu structure for all our clients, allowing us to focus on developing additional features that resulted in an increased ability to meet our client’s needs.” added Greenwood. The technology would further enable the import of GIS data, a measurement tool and real-time shadowing, which allows users to see how shadows are cast at different times of the day and year.

"For our clients, visualising designs and communicating in 3D is now vital for major projects. The ability to maintain a single model, which can also be used for community consultation is a unique selling point. Our solution also provides a single software package that assists our clients to view 3D models, import GIS data, and conduct overshadowing and visual impact analysis"  SAGO

Edge over Competitors
Among the many benefits of 3DVIA Virtools platforms, is the visual scripting feature. Many organisations felt that the need for learning new programming languages is purged and they could learn the basics to develop prototypes or proofof- concepts. Moreover, in the past, only two people could work on VRML, whereas now five developers can use the same new platform. The visual process also helped ASPECT to identify issues without consuming much time, improved their time expenditure to resolve bugs and provided updated solutions to their clients. ASPECT Studios’ presence in the real-time 3D market is proof enough of the valuable assistance provided by Dassault’s 3DVIA Virtools. The technology has enabled ASPECT Studios to strengthen its experience in virtual reality into a sellable product.

Courtesy: Dr Chandan Chowdhury – Managing Director, Dassault Systemes, India TJCD

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